December 3, 2010

The towers are not infallible!

Well, Laser Towers ARE infallible, because don’t have a “blind zone” as stated in the Training Camp information.

But both Anti-tank and Missile towers do have a “blind zone”, that is guilty of that sometimes fail shots.

Operation of the blind zone

In the case of Missile towers, when a tank goes into a blind zone, disappears from tower's radar, so the tower cannot shoot. Also, if a missile has been fired to this tank (just before it went into the blind zone), but still has not reached it, misses its target and explode on the ground.

In the case of Anti-tank towers, the blind zone represents the maximum angle of inclination of the cannon. The gun cannot shoot the tank that is just below!

Basic characteristics of the towers

Power: damage inflicted to tanks

Fire time: minimum time between shots (recharge time)

Range: maximum tower’s reach in game units (1 game unit is approximate the wide of the tanks)

Blind zone: also in game units

Laser Tower: power 220, fire time 1.2 seconds, range 3, no blind zone

Anti-tank Tower: power 120 x 2 (because fires two projectiles), fire time 1.3 seconds, range 4, blind zone 2

Missile Tower: power 200, fire time 1.4 seconds, range 5, blind zone 3

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  1. Thanks for the info, its very interesting