February 16, 2011


We will pay via PayPal $100 USD to first person who uploads a YouTube video detailing how he got promoted to General of the Armies on Veteran-Elite Career

In the video must be at least the missions in which happens each of the 5 promotions, from Brigadier General to General of the Army

You can find valuable tips to make it in the blog (tag: elite soldier)


Good luck!

Tips for the Elite Soldier

The More important thing to do is be promoted. With each promotion, your towers are more powerfull, and you get an EXTRA Air Support call. Find bellow a table with the number of missions without casualties that are required to be promoted for all combinations of Career/ Level.

Number of missions without casualties to being promoted

Volunteer Career

Regular Career

Elite Career

Soldier Level : 7 promotions, from Private to Second Lieutenant




Officer Level: 6 promotions, from Second Lieutenant to Brigadier General




General Level: 4 promotions, from Brigadier General to General of the Army




So to be promoted in the Elite Career you have to keep your home free of enemies for 5, 6 or 7 consecutive missions. Here are some tips to get it (we will be adding more regularly)

1) Position the towers so that they can shoot to several paths. There are 4 possible routes followed by convoys of enemy tanks and there are enough strategic points on the maps where a tower well placed can shoot 3 of them and even at 4.

2) Prioritize the strategic placement of towers versus the loss of lives in a mission. Do not put a Laser Tower at the last possible point to avoid an armored vehicle escape, be patient and save your money to place a tower somewhere where the tower can shoot more times.

3) Choose carefully the type of tower to buy. The best measure of whether a tower is well placed is the number of times it shoots per mission. Missile towers are expensive, but can cover a large area, so that if you put in the right place can fire many times per mission. Anti Tank towers are the most powerful and have an intermediate reach. Laser towers are cheap, powerful and infallible, but are limited in reach.

4) One of the keys to be promoted is to use air support wisely. Keep in mind:

a) Use the bombers as soon as possible in the mission because it will cause damage to more vehicles.

b) Use it when you bring a significant number of missions without casualties, to achieve promotion.

5) Minefields are very expensive but very effective. Begins to use them from 30 or 40 missions, to slow the progress of convoys. Place Minefields in areas where you have concentrated a lot of firepower and where several roads converge.