December 28, 2010

They are not bugs!

...but features :)
I receive some emails on certain features of the game that can be misconstrued. Here are some in order of popularity

Symptom: Sporadic crashes in the Samsung Galaxy S2
Explanation: It's a problem with the implementation of class "SoundPool" in this device. See:
Solution: switch OFF sound

Symptom: When I try to install it says "unsuccessful unknown error -18"
Explanation: It's a problem with Android Market application
Solution:(Google support forum) : "Alright found a fix. I hooked my phone up to my computer, browsed to .android_secure and deleted the file 'smdl2tmp1.asec'. Problem solved. "

Symptom: Some of the towers on tracks vanish.
Explanation: The game allows you to place many towers on the tracks for emergency situations. However, at the end of the mission, the system will sell the towers that have virtually no ability to move, returning all the money to the user

Symptom: Countdown to nothing at the beginning of the mission.
Explanation: Error checking the license with the Android Market.
Solution: The first time you play, you have to have WiFi or Mobile Network ON!

Symptom: The first time the game load could run very slow in some phones (Galaxy S, …).
Explanation: It's a known issue.
Solution: Exit the game (phone BACK button) and restart it. The game will run smoothly.

Symptom: Icons of the roads and mines going off the screen.
Explanation: Icons of the roads and mines only appear when the game is paused.
Solution: Press the PAUSE icon.

Symptom: What exactly does the reward mean at the countdown?
Explanation: The reward message means the total value of next wave of tanks. The money is added as you kill tanks, so if you kill all the tanks you get all the reward.

December 3, 2010

The towers are not infallible!

Well, Laser Towers ARE infallible, because don’t have a “blind zone” as stated in the Training Camp information.

But both Anti-tank and Missile towers do have a “blind zone”, that is guilty of that sometimes fail shots.

Operation of the blind zone

In the case of Missile towers, when a tank goes into a blind zone, disappears from tower's radar, so the tower cannot shoot. Also, if a missile has been fired to this tank (just before it went into the blind zone), but still has not reached it, misses its target and explode on the ground.

In the case of Anti-tank towers, the blind zone represents the maximum angle of inclination of the cannon. The gun cannot shoot the tank that is just below!

Basic characteristics of the towers

Power: damage inflicted to tanks

Fire time: minimum time between shots (recharge time)

Range: maximum tower’s reach in game units (1 game unit is approximate the wide of the tanks)

Blind zone: also in game units

Laser Tower: power 220, fire time 1.2 seconds, range 3, no blind zone

Anti-tank Tower: power 120 x 2 (because fires two projectiles), fire time 1.3 seconds, range 4, blind zone 2

Missile Tower: power 200, fire time 1.4 seconds, range 5, blind zone 3

December 1, 2010

Unique Features of Armored Defense

Your mission is to defend your territory of the hordes of armored vehicles that invade. For it, you will put strategically on the elevated sectors of the terrain the different towers of defense you have available. You can also put minefields in the zones that later the tanks go through and build railways used for moving towers to defend away points. For an emergency case, you can call air support to devastate a particularly contentious area.

Unique Features of Armored Defense:


Realism: the features, design and the animation of the towers of defense and armored vehicles armored invaders vehicles has been designed with actual patterns. The towers are not infallible! Missile towers and anti-tanks towers have blind points where the ammo can't reach the armored vehicles. You can put minefields to slow down the march of the invaders.


Really Big scenarios where you can live authentic battles, and carefully designed to give you unique challenges in everyone.


Three levels of zoom: battle, tactic, and strategic.


Special equipment of invaders vehicles: Six type of armored vehicles, and they can be equipped with one of the following special items:


Speed Boost, activated in critical situations and makes a speed increase during a couple of seconds.


Stealth, or the capacity of disappear of the towers radars at the hardest time.


Self-Repair, allows the vehicles repairs its damage in march.


Anti-missile, protect the tanks from the missiles coming from towers


“The Tortoise”, a protecting armor, protects the main chassis of the armored vehicles.


Railways. You can build railways with one gesture. Anti-Tanks towers can move on them to reach zones of hard coverage.


Air Support, that will make your bombers devastate the above area.


Careers and jobs: depending on your experience and skills, you can choose from three careers: Volunteer, Regular and Elite. In each there are three levels: Soldier, Official and General. Throughout your career, and according to your merits, you will be promoted from private to General in all Army, unblocking higher levels. Also you will be rewarded with medals for your services!


Training Camp, where you can familiarize yourself with the towers and armored vehicles, and test strategies.


Service Record. In your service sheet will be recorded your progress in the three available careers.

Improvements request

Here you can ask for new features to include in the next versions of the game. For example:

- New maps

- New types of vehicles and towers

- Online rankings ...

Also we will hold polls to see which of the suggestions will be included in the next version.

Thank you for your contribution!

Error reporting

Here we collect all possible errors that will be detected and we monitor their resolution in future releases. Please, when report an error clearly reflect:
- Description: what happens exactly and under what circumstances occurs
- Phone Model
- And if possible, Android version

Thank you very much for helping to improve the game!

Training Camp

The best thing to do to become an elite soldier is practice and practice.

For that purpose you have a Training Camp in the game. Here you can become familiar with different types of towers and enemy tanks.

The Training Camp has plenty of money available for you to improve the towers and measure the effectiveness of minefields.

So do it and enjoy!

Version 2.11 published

Today we publish version 2.11 at the Android Market.

The main novelty is that we have added a difficulty selector. Now you can play as Rookie or as Veteran.

At Rookie level, everything is cheaper and you have much initial capital to buy towers, and more bombs to begin with.

Veteran level is basically equal to the single level available in the previous version, and is suitable for experienced players

November 10, 2010

Introducing... Armored Defense

If in the coming days do not want to stay glued to the phone, or run out of battery ... Stop reading...

Have you read on? Congratulations, you're at the game 'Armored Defense' that will surprise you from beginning to end with scenarios full of realism, amazing battles and the possibility of becoming General of the Army.

Do you like strategy games? Looking for something to restore you faith in mobile games? Something that you hook from start to finish?

Try Armored Defense Lite and decide yourself recruit!