August 30, 2012

New Markets!!

Armored Defense has reached two new markets: Blackberry App World and Apple App Store.
 Here the links:

App Store:

Armored Defense II Free: Strategic Tower Game

Blackberry App World:

Armored Defense II: Strategic Tower Game

Armored Defense II Lite: Strategic Tower Game


May 31, 2012

Title changed to "Armored Defense II"

We have received a note from Google Play:
This is a notification that we have removed the availability of the application, Armored II: Tower Defense, with package ID for Google Play users in the following locale(s): US

REASON FOR REMOVAL: Alleged trademark infringement
The "trademark infringement" was because "TOWER DEFENSE" has been registred as a trademark in USA by a Korean developer (!?).
So we have decided to change the name of the game from "Armored II: Tower Defense" to "Armored Defense II" .
But we would like to take a moment to dispute the claim that " Armored II: Tower Defense " infringes the trademark "Tower Defense".
"Tower Defense" as a phrase is a genre, not a single product. Just like the words baseball, football, soccer, crossword and tile matching are all considered public domain words, can be used as a title of products, but are not trademark-able.
It would not be reasonable for a Poker game (e.g. "Zyntha Poker Game") to change their title because another developer later released a game named "Poker Game" and made a trademark. In this way, it never occurred to me that the words "TOWER DEFENSE" had a trademark.

September 4, 2011

New FREE version!!

We just released a new FREE version of the game, including a STORE where you can unlock all missions and maps without paying a penny.

Of course, the full version is still available, also with a STORE, where you can unlock both premium maps for free: Defend Paris! and Crossing the Alps.

Another new feature is the possibility of investing Armored Defense Dollars (AD$) in started games. With them you can buy towers in emergency situations!


July 23, 2011

New version and new map: Crossing the Alps

Today we publish a new version that includes a new map: Crossing the Alps. This is a expert level map, as was the previous Defend Paris!, with an included EXTRA Minefield. You can preview the new map before purchase, via in-app billing

Other additions to the game in this new version:

1) New menu item "Options" where you can enable:

Hints, Health Bar always fixed, Fixed tower buttons, Quick Tutorial and Sound

2) BACK key intercepted

3) Improvements in missile tower:

- Firepower change 200 to 230

- Improved detection of tanks with upgrades 2 and 3

4) Several bug fixed


April 21, 2011

New Map: Defend Paris!

Today we publish a new version of the game that features a new map: Defend Paris!. It is a full new scenario with an included EXTRA Minefield, where you can battle around the Eiffel Tower.

You can preview the new map before purchase, via in-app billing


March 26, 2011

Armored Defense II published

Today we publish Armored Defense II, a new version with lots of developments:

1) Totally new UI, with new graphics and sounds

2) One difficulty level more. Now you can choose between Rookie, Veteran or Commando.

3) Light adjustments in the difficulty level

a) Now it is easier to promote in the Elite Career and there are more money to begin

b) Towers are somewhat less expensive for Rookies


February 16, 2011


We will pay via PayPal $100 USD to first person who uploads a YouTube video detailing how he got promoted to General of the Armies on Veteran-Elite Career

In the video must be at least the missions in which happens each of the 5 promotions, from Brigadier General to General of the Army

You can find valuable tips to make it in the blog (tag: elite soldier)

Good luck!