May 31, 2012

Title changed to "Armored Defense II"

We have received a note from Google Play:
This is a notification that we have removed the availability of the application, Armored II: Tower Defense, with package ID for Google Play users in the following locale(s): US

REASON FOR REMOVAL: Alleged trademark infringement
The "trademark infringement" was because "TOWER DEFENSE" has been registred as a trademark in USA by a Korean developer (!?).
So we have decided to change the name of the game from "Armored II: Tower Defense" to "Armored Defense II" .
But we would like to take a moment to dispute the claim that " Armored II: Tower Defense " infringes the trademark "Tower Defense".
"Tower Defense" as a phrase is a genre, not a single product. Just like the words baseball, football, soccer, crossword and tile matching are all considered public domain words, can be used as a title of products, but are not trademark-able.
It would not be reasonable for a Poker game (e.g. "Zyntha Poker Game") to change their title because another developer later released a game named "Poker Game" and made a trademark. In this way, it never occurred to me that the words "TOWER DEFENSE" had a trademark.

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