December 28, 2010

They are not bugs!

...but features :)
I receive some emails on certain features of the game that can be misconstrued. Here are some in order of popularity

Symptom: Sporadic crashes in the Samsung Galaxy S2
Explanation: It's a problem with the implementation of class "SoundPool" in this device. See:
Solution: switch OFF sound

Symptom: When I try to install it says "unsuccessful unknown error -18"
Explanation: It's a problem with Android Market application
Solution:(Google support forum) : "Alright found a fix. I hooked my phone up to my computer, browsed to .android_secure and deleted the file 'smdl2tmp1.asec'. Problem solved. "

Symptom: Some of the towers on tracks vanish.
Explanation: The game allows you to place many towers on the tracks for emergency situations. However, at the end of the mission, the system will sell the towers that have virtually no ability to move, returning all the money to the user

Symptom: Countdown to nothing at the beginning of the mission.
Explanation: Error checking the license with the Android Market.
Solution: The first time you play, you have to have WiFi or Mobile Network ON!

Symptom: The first time the game load could run very slow in some phones (Galaxy S, …).
Explanation: It's a known issue.
Solution: Exit the game (phone BACK button) and restart it. The game will run smoothly.

Symptom: Icons of the roads and mines going off the screen.
Explanation: Icons of the roads and mines only appear when the game is paused.
Solution: Press the PAUSE icon.

Symptom: What exactly does the reward mean at the countdown?
Explanation: The reward message means the total value of next wave of tanks. The money is added as you kill tanks, so if you kill all the tanks you get all the reward.


  1. How about posting some videos of elite veteran so I know it is actually possible to beat. Been playing for some time now and haven't gotten close.

  2. is really a challenge but not impossible. In the blog you can find some clues as to achieve it, and more to come! (tag "elite soldier")

  3. What are the ad$ for?
    what store?to spend them on what.

    1. Ad$ are rewards for you to invest back into the game, so you can either buy more towers, mines, rails...
      (especially when the game starts to get difficult)
      Or additional maps if you're playing the free version!

  4. Hi,
    In the Full version of the game, AD$ are only to invest in a game to buy towers. Check: options - show Ad popups. And then resume a game.