December 1, 2010

Error reporting

Here we collect all possible errors that will be detected and we monitor their resolution in future releases. Please, when report an error clearly reflect:
- Description: what happens exactly and under what circumstances occurs
- Phone Model
- And if possible, Android version

Thank you very much for helping to improve the game!


  1. I have a strange error:
    I'm playing. Then on a game, let'say it's level... 12, i ended the level. A new one started: 13, but immediately the countdown 3 seconds appear. No enemy. Then, level 14, and immediate countdown, then 15... until I "played" all.
    I tried pause, bombing, adding towers, exiting, restarting... everytime I have this...

  2. Hi Cedric,
    It's a fail to check the license. You must play at least once with Wi-Fi or mobile network ON!

    Related post - "They are not bugs"

  3. Hi

    Some bugs:
    I have earned some 1100000 M$, but I am not a millioner in Achievments. Same with the number of tanks destroyed.

    When I finish a level in Soldier mode popup says I am rich enough to unlock officer level. But in Officer level after the 10th wave popup says I can not go further. How can I unlock?

    ZTE Blade Android 2.2

  4. Hi,
    They are not "bugs" :)

    To become "Millonaire" you need to earn 3,000,000 AD$.

    And you need tho have the Full version of the game or "Unlock all missions" with AD$ to play Officer level.


  5. Rookie, officer... Always stops at 1st leutnant, i can,t get any other promotions, it ends at 11 of 40. How to get more promotions ????? Playbook v2.0 and also in v.2.1 beta.
    Also, it exits thegame when in "fast" mode and touch any of the towers etc...

  6. Hi,
    This is the limit on the Demo version. You have to buy the Full version to play all the missions.

    I will investigate the error in fast mode. Thanks for the report!